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After Spa

Back Scrubber with Handles

Back Scrubber with Handles

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Your Afterspa Back Scrubber comes with handles to lend a helping hand to take care of those hard to reach places with ease and comfort.

Exfoliate full body, including hard-to-reach areas with this cloth-covered sponge made from exfoliating cotton. Deep cleanses your skin and stimulates circulation accompanied by a great massage.

Texture: Vigorous

  • For radiant and soft skin
  • Functional case to hang in your shower
  • Perfect gentle exfoliating texture for sensitive skin
  • Clinically tested on all skin types
  • Not tested on animals, vegan



Apply your favorite cleanser or body wash to your scrubber. Exfoliate and cleanse by holding each handle in hands, scrubbing in side to side motions behind the back, on the bottom of feet and any other hard to get places. Rinse your back scrubber well and squeeze out any excess water.
For best results, replace your scrubber every 60 days.



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