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After Spa

Aloe Soap Sponge

Aloe Soap Sponge

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Your Afterspa Aloe Bath & Shower Soap Sponge is perfect for clarifying skin. Your mild textured, multifunctional soap sponge is infused with moisturizing aloe vera to purge your skin of impurities and elevate the overall texture of your skin.

This innovative and multifunctional design is soap infused within a sponge. It’s a major game changer for your skin routine. It’s perfect for moisturizing your face and body.

  • For radiant and soft skin
  • Functional case to hang in your shower
  • 2 in 1, Soap + Sponge, made with aloe vera
  • Clinically tested on all skin types
  • Not tested on animals, vegan



Simply wet your soap sponge. Cleanse your skin in circular motions on your body and face. As you use your soap sponge it will become softer making it better suited for your skin. Squeeze and shake out any excess water from your soap sponge when finished.
For best results, replace your soap sponge once it has completely dissolved.

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