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Round Dual Texture Scrubber

Round Dual Texture Scrubber

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If you don't like to have to choose, your Afterspa Bath & Shower Round Dual Texture Scrubber is the perfect fit for you.

Customize your cleansing ritual at home with either a gentle cleansing experience on the softer side or enjoy a more mild exfoliation with the texturized side. No matter what side you choose you are sure to enjoy your Afterspa Bath & Shower Round Dual Texture Scrubber when partnered with your favorite cleanser!

Dual sided - Vigorous + Soft

  • For radiant and soft skin
  • Functional case to hang in your shower
  • Perfect gentle exfoliating
  • Clinically tested on all skin types
  • Not tested on animals, vegan



Apply your favorite cleanser or body wash directly to your wash cloth. Choose the level of exfoliation you would like between the gentle and textured sides, or use both depending on areas that might need more of a scrub then other areas! Exfoliate and cleanse in circular motions, focusing on scrubbing the full body. Rinse your scrubber well and squeeze out any excess water.
For best results, replace your scrubber every 60 days.


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